Daily Update

It is so easy to waste money when you don’t earn it and have the ability to just take it from those who do earn it.  State will pay $1.7M to get rid of unsuccessful movie studio…after it paid $14 million to build it.  Mayor de Blasio will use $7 million of your tax dollars for a studyA STUDY – for de Blasio’s trolley idea.  Just the study will cost $7 million, image what the trolley will cost to build.  I guess this is why these two are in government because if they ever tried to become CEO’s of a business, they would be gone before they were able to drive the business into bankruptcy.  Remember this in November when you have the opportunity to vote for governor!

Mayor “de Lusional” is back on the delusional path thinking is plan to diversify the eight special schools is “blessed.”  The NY Post editorial board decimates Mayor de Blasio’s idea to destroy New York’s top schools, rightfully so. 

Here is another reason why Mayor de Lusional is delusional:  New York City violated its own policy by letting criminal aliens free: DHS

Saturday’s Adirondack Daily Enterprise editorial decimates Governor Cuomo’s spokesperson!  Kudos to them. 

New York City wants to add an “X” category to birth certificates.  Did you know that currently if parents – in New York City – of a newborn do not want to identify a sex, they can say the sex of the child is undetermined or unknown…isn’t this also detrimental to a child? 

California has some rather unusual travel bans.  And as long as California keeps passing laws like this, they will lose the population capable of paying the bills. 

Mika and Joe and their morning panel turn on Bill Clinton

Why should states that protect illegal immigrants be rewarded with more political power?  Good question.  Hans von Spakovsky answers the question here and informs us that Alabama has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Census Bureau. If the state wins, it could have major political ramifications and restore fundamental fairness in political representation in Congress.

Supreme Court sides with Colorado baker who refused to make wedding cake for same-sex couple.  While the decision was based on Colorado’s anti-religious bias on the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the vote was 7-2 with only Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissenting.   Religious liberty has be strengthened, but, Guy Benson reminds everyone it is a very narrow ruling  that still leaves some questions open.   Dan McLaughlin has some of the same concerns in his National Review on line piece.   David French, also writing in National Review on line, is a bit more optimistic noting that tolerance, it appears, is not a one-way street.