Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s been a week of celebrities, pseudo-celebrities and quasi-celebrities as “entertainers” staking out various parts of the political spectrum have made spectacles of themselves. (And be aware, some of the following links have disturbing language and images, because we’re dealing with disturbing people here.)

Somebody you’ve probably heard of, Roseanne Barr, who has cast herself as pro-Trump, said something vile (not surprising) and was immediately fired

Somebody you’ve probably never heard of, Samantha Bee, who apparently has a TV show and is beloved on the left, said something vile… and got an award

So let’s start with the first question in our new Weekly Poll: Overall, what do you think about celebrities becoming active in politics? 

In these specific cases of celebrity activism, both situations are repugnant, but many see a clear double standard at work since Roseanne was immediately punished and Samantha Bee wasn’t.  

What do you think – how big is the media’s double standard for liberals and conservatives? That’s the second Weekly Poll question I have for you.

I ask this question keeping in mind that many conservatives had grave doubts about Roseanne as a Trump standard-bearer from the very start, and their concerns seemed to have been well-founded.  At any rate, Rich Lowry explains how the Roseanne meltdown in reality says nothing about Trump’s America.

But liberals will believe anything and lie about everything when it comes to President Trump. 

Nevertheless, there’s been plenty to smile about this week (the economy lifting plenty of spirits), which is fitting – May 31 was actually National Smile Day. So let’s end with our third Weekly Poll question – what makes you smile right now when you think about politics? 

Have a great weekend!