Daily Update

Stephen Moore’s Op-Ed in today’s NY Post will give “blue Wave” believers agita.

Mayor de Blasio really should read Michael Goodwin’s column in today’s NY Post.  It is shameful that Mr. Goodwin felt it necessary to write this particular column. 

Valerie Richardson makes some valid points in her Washington Times column pointing out the validity of the quote “be careful what you wish for.”

Today’s Daily Signal has three columns that give us some real hope that the swamp is being drained.  President Trump signed an executive order calling for the end to taxpayer subsidies to federal unions; Republicans introduced a bill to rescind $15 billion in spending which President Trump fully supports; and most importantly President Trump’s directive that will allow fewer tax dollars to go to abortion providers. 

Alas, just when you think things are getting better, along comes this headline:  Social Security pays benefits to hundreds of dead people

Sen. Chuck Schumer should be ashamed of himself.  I hope he never has the “need to try” but since the President and republicans passed the “need to try” bill, you can be certain if he does he will take full advantage of the “need to try” bill. 

The Beat examines Albany’s energy war and writes about the grand schemes at the MTA

Analysis by Guy Benson: As Competing Russia Accusations Swirl, Pay Close Attention to What Trey Gowdy is Telling Us.

RNC Torches Democrats in New Midterm Ad: ‘MS-13 Killers…They Aren’t So Bad’

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams