Daily Update

GOP state senator under fire after proposing voter ID laws.  Democrats are determined to make voting easier for people – early voting, same day registration – both increasing the possibility of voter fraud – however, requiring a voter ID would assure that the possibility of voter fraud would be dramatically reduced.  The general public needs a photo ID to enter federal building, travel throughout America on public transportation and as Sen. Murphy states even to obtain a fishing license.  Democrats that oppose a photo ID to vote are insincere in their objections when they state it would “discriminate against minorities and lead to voter suppression,” by creating scare tactics.    If the democratic opposing justification were true, a photo ID would have the same effect when minorities go to purchase travel tickets, enter a federal building, and go fishing legally. Do you see that producing a photo ID in these circumstances has that effect?  Neither do I.   

The Post-Star ran this editorial on Friday. It talks about SAM and how it effects your wallets, especially in an election year.

Isn’t this interesting?  The children of Cynthia Nixon, Samantha Bee, and Louis C.K. got into this popular public middle school, while hundreds of others are shut out every year.  Can’t help but wonder if Ms. Nixon’s wife and anything to do with getting her children in. 

File this under “Qualifications to be a Governor – directing one film” 

LOVETT: State Senate Republicans slam ‘Cuomo corruption’ with reform package

File this under “Hypocrite, Again!”

The Beat looks at Nixon and Cuomo and gives us the facts we need to know.

Sen. Felder gets credit for standing up to a bully!

Charles Hurt writes in the Washington Times:  Throw John Kerry in Jail

It is about time the right started to use the lefts tactics

Joe Mantegna says Second Amendment ‘makes perfect sense today.’

Robert Knight opines on giving President Trump’s accomplishments their due.

A professor’s prayer.