Daily Update

The political world was rocked last evening by an article in the New Yorker, possibly one of the most succinct and believable exposé written recently.  It was so believable that New York’s Attorney General tendered his resignation within 4 hours of its release.  Mr. Schneiderman’s resignation is another in a long line of elected (and some appointed) officials in New York that succumbed to greed or personal gratification at the expense of others.   (The irony in the Schneiderman case is his hypocrisy of being a staunch supporter of the #MeToo movement.)  Ethic proposals have been made to curb the abuses; however, they have had little or no effect in ending the disgraceful and reprehensible actions of those who believe they are above the law.  New York must enact term limits.  When candidates ask for your vote, ask them if they are committed to passing term limits.  Their answer will speak volumes. 

Just for the record, Schneiderman’s record as AG was not what the liberal press is telling you.  His lawsuits were more about his political ambitions than what was right for New York State.

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigns: What they’re saying

State AG candidate wants full investigation of Schneiderman.  Manny Alicandro, making his announcement as a candidate for AG prior to the bombshell Schneiderman allegations, vowed to crackdown on corruption.  

How to not to change the system:  Who Replaces Schneiderman? And How?

Corruption, unfortunately, is not limited to elected officials, as noted some are appointed by elected officials.  When term limits are enacted it will also be a tool to prevent corruption when individuals are appointed by elected officials who are subjected to term limits.

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President Trump withdraws from Iran nuclear deal.  

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