Brooklyn, NY — The revelations in today’s New Yorker article, Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General of Physical Abuse, are both distressing and tragic to learn that the chief law enforcement officer of New York State could be so self-absorbed that he would stoop to slap, choke, control, and threaten woman while condemning the same actions of others.

As the article points out, when AG Schneiderman was a Senator he created specific penalties for strangulation. He introduced the bill in 2010, after chairing a committee that investigated domestic-violence charges against the former state senator Hiram Monserrate, a Democrat, who was expelled from the legislature
after having been convicted of assaulting his girlfriend.

He has evolved into a man who yanked his then girl-friend across the street and when she reminded him that jaywalking was against the law, responded with “I am the law.”

Corruption is out of control in New York State; nothing that Governor Andrew Cuomo or the legislature has done, has curbed the rampant corruption that has prevailed over the last decade at many levels of government.

Our government was never designed to have full time, life long terms. Term limits were imposed on a president who went too far in controlling government; it is long past time that term limits be enacted for all levels of government officials to prevent some from believing that they too are above the law.