Daily Update

Chairman Long will be on NY 1 (Inside City Hall, 7 pm and repeated at 11 pm.) tonight and Capital Tonight (8:00 pm and repeated at 11:30 PM) to discuss the possibility of recreational marijuana on Inside City Hall and the upcoming Governor’s race on Capital Tonight.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an Executive Order today that seeks to allow people on parole the right to vote… taking unilateral action after the Republican-led Senate rejected a similar proposal.  Governor Cuomo has consistently said there is no place for conservatives in New York State and now apparently there is no place for duly elected members of the Republican controlled Senate in New York State.  Governor Cuomo wants to give Herman Bell –  a cold-blooded cop killer – the right to vote, if, and it is IF he makes parole.  Right now, it is in Judge Richard Koweek’s hands.  And remember that over 367,000 people reached out to the Parole Board to rescind the granting of his parole

In New York State, once you have completed your prison sentence and completed your parole, you have the right to vote, once you register again.  There is absolutely no need to override current law, in fact, we question, if it can be.

With this topic burning up social media, it will most certainly be a topic when Chairman Long appears on Inside City Hall and Capital Tonight this evening.  Here is what Chairman Long  told Joe Spector earlier today when the news just broke.

That sound you hear is moving vans…Governor Cuomo’s extreme left turn and overly burdensome taxes are pushing out hard working, constitutional loving New Yorkers.   All because he wants to be president.  Obviously, he has no understand of middle Americans; they will reject his current progressiveness and those who cannot move from New York will be stuck with his dangerous progressive pipedream.

The NY Post editorial opines on the Scenes from the New York ‘progressive purity’ circus

Call Mayor de Blasio, Mister Generous, from now on;    that $350 charitable deduction on his taxes will do a world of good to someone outside of New York City. 

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Donald Devine wants the FBI to return law enforcement and basics.  (Don’t we all!)

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Rest in Peace Barbara Bush.