Daily Update

If you were unable to watch Chairman Mike Long on  Inside City Hall last evening, you can watch it hereHere is the clip of Chairman Long on Capital Tonight last night discussing the governor’s race and why the leaders recommended County Executive Marc Molinaro. 

The Gotham Gazette  writes that the Republican Governors Association is ‘Keeping Close Eye’ on New York. 

Here is more coverage on Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order allowing parolees to vote in upcoming elections.  Read this, this and this.  

The Manhattan Institute takes another look at the recently passed NYS budget.

Ken Girardin points out in the NY Torch Public Policy blog that government unions spent more on lobbying than four of the top spending lobbyist spent combined. 

Cheryl K. Chumley writes in the Washington Times how faith leaders skew Bible to oppose SNAP reform. 

Peter Morici  opines that the optimists may be right. 

Democrats have other ideas regarding the Trump Tax Cut.  

Larry Horist has a very interesting article on Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and his desire to run for president.  Imagine for a minute, Mark Zuckerberg, sitting in the Oval Office, reviewing all the personal data accumulated through the years about you…the IRS could really have a field day.  He is 33, eligible to run in 2020.

How can anyone seriously consider former AG Eric Holder for president after reading this?

Michele Malkin on the latest assault on Chick-fil-A.

Enough with activists’ judges:  6th Circuit agrees: PP has ‘constitutional right’ to public monies.