Daily Update

 Parole board flooded with letters after Herman Bell decision,  but will they listen? Make they by flooding them with more letters, his DIN number is:  79C0262, a prisoner at SHAWANGUNK. 

Wow.  Can you believe Sen. Jeffrey Klein?.  What a publicity-hungry, hypocritical egomaniac! 

In case you missed our Daily Update yesterday, here is some of the coverage on the fact that the state executive committee recommended to the full state committee that when they meet to endorse a gubernatorial candidate it will be County Executive Marc Molinaro.  LoHud ran this; State of Politics ran this;  Mid-Hudson News has this short clip; Syracuse.com wrote this; Spectrum broadcast this and  Tom Precious ran this in the Buffalo News.

Tom Precious also ran this article on Cuomo’s favorability ratings in today’s Buffalo News.

The Manhattan Institute explains why Mayor de Blasio latest taxing idea is really bad.  Mayor de Blasio wants to impose a “vacancy tax” on landlords who fail to find tenants for their properties.

How could an American who voted for the Moscow-backed Communist Party USA candidate for president, Gus Hall, during the height of the Cold War become the head of the CIA?  Oh, that’s right, it was Barack Obama’s CIA.  . 

Obama’s Justice Dept. feuded with FBI, agents quit as politics played larger role. 

‘Shaking Their Heads:’ FBI Veterans Share Concerns On Comey Interview.

Trump is winning — that’s why the left is unraveling.

Still waiting for the garlic bullet

Revisionist history is terrible, but, this takes the prize for being the most unbelievable history textbook ever written.  Parents:  are your children being taught this?  Check the publisher; check the books. 

While we are justified in questioning Pearson’s text books, we are also justified as to asking why are our tax dollars being used for this???  Outrageous, simply outrageous, whether it be tax dollars or private dollars.

Parents, another problem you should be aware of:  A slew of apps are creepily spying on our kids.

E. J. McMahon opines on looking ahead to nest year’s tax day and Ken Girardin opines on Cuomo’s renewable flop continues.  

Stephen Moore opines on the Trillion-Dollar Myth.

Gorsuch Casts Deciding Vote on Immigration Case – It May Surprise You.  Just remember, Justice Gorsuch is a Constitutionalist first and foremost.