Daily Update

Buffalo makes the case for less government; more private investments.  It is absurd that a government rehab costs $523,600 for a house and then puts it on the market for $137,750, 

Tom Precious wrote in the Buffalo News on Saturday how a state budget deficit just goes away.

Wasting tax dollars is typical of government, unfortunately, so is this.  The total owed by state taxpayers is $169.5 million.  That is money that would go a long way in fixing the transit system.

De Blasio aide busted with gun in car.  This is one article that really needs some serious follow-up…too many questions after reading it. 

Really Governor, haven’t you learned to always have a tie with you?  I would think that a person who is considered a micro-manager would have thought of that already. Maybe you were distracted by all the though you put into bringing the democrats back together again.  And then urging the Dems to defeat “Bully” Republicans.  Chairman Mike Long responds to the IDC decision

The Investor’s Business Daily opines on the new EPA and why the radical left is losing it.  The Conservative Action Project (an organization that Chairman Long is a member of) is also standing with Scott Pruitt.  They also agree with President Donald J. Trump on “never again” should Congress pass an omnibus boondoggle, and “Never Again” should he sign one. 

The Washington Times is reporting that the Justice Dept. taps a federal prosecutor to oversee handover of Hillary documents to Congress. 

Guy Benson writes on: Obama’s ‘Smart Power’ Syria Policy Was a Catastrophe, and Trump is Trying to Clean Up the MessMattis on Launching Airstrikes on Syria: ‘I Don’t Rule Out Anything’

Robert J. Knight opines on how the anti-Trump media caravan roles on.

No notes but a viral lecture on government