Weekly Wrap Up

The Empire Center has taken a more comprehensive look at this year’s New York State budget and while E. J. McMahon does have some positive things to say about it – most of Gov. Cuomo’s tax and fee hikes were avoided, overall the budget – even more borrowed cash was shoveled into the capital pork barrel — is a typical election year ploy to use your money to buy your votes. 

The Washington Times points out the hypocrisy of Governor Cuomo’s remarks on President Trump’s tax overhaul last year when he said the tax cuts were for wealthy people who didn’t need them and his budget this year that included loopholes for the same wealthy people has not been lost on some left-leaning institutes.  The state’s solution — turning some taxes into charitable contributions to make them once again deductible — is heating up debates in tax law circles. Some analysts say it won’t hold up, while others say there is precedent for it.  Watch for this to land in the Courts for them to decide.

New York’s greatest governor in modern history had decided, for purely political reasons, to bring the Independent Democratic Conference back into the democratic fold.  Cynthia Nixon is needling the greatest governor in modern history and all that he does now is a desperate attempt to win the democratic primary with big numbers.  Our first question in this week’s poll is what else will he do to prove he is the most progressive and greatest governor in modern times. 

NY’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, leading a coalition of left-leaning states, sued the Trump Administration Tuesday, claiming the addition of a citizenship question in the decennial census survey violates federal law and the Constitution.  Investors Business Daily looks at the 5 leading arguments against including the question and explains how they are all bogus.  Our second poll question this week asks why the left is so anxious about the citizenship question.

Mayor de Blasio’s “carbon divestment” means huge bills for taxpayers

The NY Sun gives our friend Larry Kudlow high marks in his position with the Trump Administration. 

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of the main stream media’s obsession with Hillary Clinton. Tuesday night in Manhattan, Hillary took credit for the #MeToo movement.  The Daily Mail has a list of all the things and people Hillary has blamed for her loss – the current number is 43 and she has yet to take personal responsibility for losing.  Our third question in our poll this week deals with Hillary’s never-ending need for publicity. 

Peggy Noonan has some good insight as to why there are so many scandals and problems in today’s world.