Daily Update

Today’s NY Post editorial makes it clear we were not the only ones taken aback by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s self-adulation. 

This is good news for the time being:  Release of cop-killer blocked after he got parole.  A hearing is set for April 13 in Albany Supreme Court.  We will keep you informed.

Trump praises Mexico for stopping caravan, avoiding ‘giant scene’ at border

President Trump’s tough stand certainly helped Mexico decided to stop the caravan.

Bullying at the border: Americans won’t stand for it.

Here is Michelle Malkin’s take on Illegal-Immigrant Caravans, Churches, and Criminal Sanctuaries

Tammy Bruce opines on the absurdity of welcoming criminals in California and warning about coffee risks. 

Immigrants who came to America years ago and went through the process of becoming Americans are speaking out AGAINST the sanctuary laws in California…rightfully so.  “I came to this country 45 years ago with me and my mother, OK?” one supporter of the vote said.  Forty-five years ago, we were not offered sanctuary. We were not offered an easier, softer way, OK? We were told ‘You have to be an American citizen and here’s what you have to do. And we did it.”  You can rest assured they didn’t get these then either.  

As a party we certainly support term limits, however, sometimes when they are in office for a long time, they tend to let the cat out of the bag.  For example:  Pelosi: If We Win, We’re Going to Turn Back the Clock By Repealing the New Law and Massively Increasing Taxes.   If you listen closely, you can hear the fund-raising letters being drafted.   Every person with more money in their paycheck will be so willing to give it back to the federal government to waste. 

Cal Thomas on Free Speech

Planned Parenthood Fined for Failing to Disclose Democratic-Campaign Donations.  You can bet most of the money paying for the fine is your tax-dollars and most of the donation also.  Tell me why we continue to fund them.