Daily Update

There is an exciting new candidate running for NYS Comptroller:  Jonathan Trichter!  Check out his Facebook announcement here.  Read his press release announcing his candidacy here and check out his website here.  Some may say a comptroller’s race isn’t a political race to get excited about, but, trust me, this one will be!  Get on board early, follow him on Facebook and help him win. 

This is good news for the people living in NYCHA:  Beleaguered NYCHA chair Shola Olatoye is resigning.

There is no denying the fact that New York has the highest tax burden in America.  Wallet Hub is the latest to give New York that unwanted distinction.  

Today’s NY Post editorial helps explain why New York is consistently the highest taxed state in the nation: even when facing fiscal deficits – spending is never cut.   Bill Hammond explains in this Wall Street Journal article:  Cuomo loots a Catholic Charity.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a disturbing new way to raise revenue: using government muscle to squeeze private organizations into “voluntarily” writing billion-dollar checks. That’s what he did to Fidelis Care, a nonprofit health plan affiliated with the Catholic Church, and its would-be buyer, Centene Corp.

Bill Hammond also explains while Governor Cuomo blames the higher cost of drugs through Medicaid on “abusive” manufacturers, the reality is his expansion of Medicaid is the real reason for increasing drug costs.

Oh Mr. Mayor, how could you “forget” such an important meeting?  Maybe he just thinks it is an important part of his job.

Stephen Moore and James Carter write about the president’s trump card for spending restraint.  An excellent article and every person who reads it should send it to their Congressman.  It would certainly take the air out of Sen. Schumer’s inflated sails. 

Daniel Oliver opines in the Federalist — Let the Word Go Forth: Chappaquiddick Invented the Cover-up

Guy Benson opines on democrats liking the “I” word…impeachment. 

Trump appointee at center of fight over religious freedom — fortunately for all of us. 

Zuckerberg Defends His Company at Crowded Hearing.  Did anyone expect he wouldn’t defend his billion-dollar baby?  Don’t worry about your privacy – only the bots will know…if they don’t communicate with a Kik.