Daily Update

The 51st Conference was an upbeat success, thanks to everyone who attended and to our speakers who were certainly motivating during their presentations and mixing with the audience throughout the conference.  Two of our speakers, Corey Lewandowski and Larry Kudlow, were called to Washington, DC to meet with President Donald J. Trump to discuss tonight’s State of the Union Address.   While we may have been a little disappointed, we are proud that two of our featured speakers — and their expertise –were requested by President Trump.    

We are also very appreciative that Governor George E. Pataki stopped by at our luncheon and gave a rousing speech that really energized the troops. 

We had breaking news during our conference:  Carl Paladino said he would not run for governor  this year; Assembly Republican Leader Brian Kolb is said he would run on the Conservative Party line, if he was unable to get on the Republican line and  Senator John DeFrancisco  set the stage for his official announcement later today. Here is how Sen. DE Francisco’s local paper covered is presentation.   Joseph Holland was also a presenter, as well as others looking to possibly run and serve their country and state.  E. J. McMahon, always willing to share his knowledge, has his latest thoughts on SALT in the City Journal.

Why aren’t the two comptrollers’ — Scott Stringer (NYC) and Thomas DiNapoli (NYS) — auditing the MTA for ways to be more fiscally responsible?  The latest attempt to take even more of your money by Governor Andrew Cuomo is outrageous!

Is New York on Its Way to Legalizing Marijuana?  If anyone thinks that Gov. Cuomo’s included funding to conduct a study in conjunction with state agencies to look at the health, economic and criminal justice effects of legalizing marijuana, will stop the legalization of recreational marijuana must be partaking of pot presently. 

This is an excellent article  — When the Constitution is a “buzz-kill” that one should take the time to read – and use against those partaking of pot presently. 

Reprehensible! I do not understand how a woman who has carried a child to birth could have voted against this bill.  Actually, I do not understand how anyone could vote against this bill.  Democrats stopped the bill, are you proud of your party, Senator Schumer, and Senator Gillibrand?  It is time for New York to have a Senator that represents us.  

Senator Schumer and his democrats are willing to sell out Americans for a few more votes.

The problem with this is that Andrew McCabe keeps his pension.

State of the Union boycotts are divisive, dumb.  

Losing the love:  Obama’s presidential library ripped as ‘ugly waste of taxpayer resources’ by Chicagoans.  

We will not say, I told you so, but we did:  Cuomo’s casinos are now cannibals

Governor Cuomo may call a special election to fill 11 vacancies for April 24, 2018.

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