Weekly Wrap-Up

President Trump delivered a rousing speech today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, declaring that America is once again “open for business” and that “America First does not mean America alone.” 

You can read the full text here. For the first question in our new Weekly Poll, I’ve highlighted what I think are some of the most powerful quotes from the President’s speech – which one is your favorite? I hope you’ll vote today.

I’m sure Trump campaign guru Corey Lewandowski will have plenty to say about this at our 51st Annual CPPAC, which gets underway on Sunday. 

Meanwhile, an estimated 3 million Americans are receiving bonuses thanks to the Trump tax cuts, and it’s no wonder that tax relief is gaining in popularity. But Nancy Pelosi, who of course cherishes her own vast fortune, continues to dismiss an extra $1,000 for hardworking Americans as mere “crumbs.” Liberals like Chuck Schumer are joining in on this spin, even though the Democrats once heralded an Obama-Era tax cut that gave workers… an extra $40 in their paychecks. 

Hopefully some of our Wrap-Up readers are the recipients of these bonuses, but I think we all know the value of a dollar. My second Weekly Poll question for you is this: What would you do with an extra $1,000? I look forward to seeing the answers. 

Speaking of Obama double standards… this week we saw another example of the media’s protection racket surrounding our 44th president, as a 2005 photo of a smiling Barack Obama with the loathsome Louis Farrakhan was released by a journalist who says he kept the image hidden until now because it might have hurt Obama’s political rise.  

Something else that was kept secret – the admitted bribing of Mayor Bill de Blasio. The briber is busted, but will the “bribee” ever face justice?

Time and again, the elites all look out for each other, as we saw in Obama’s protection of Hillary Clinton and in the simmering FBI scandal. There’s no accountability and increasingly, no trust. “What a mess,” as the New York Post succinctly puts it.

Bad news this week for New York Democrats seeking to restore Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker – one of their top recruits has bowed out of a closely-watched House race, and may undermine the party even more by taking on Andrew Cuomo. 

Despite the media’s gloom-and-doom narrative for conservatives in the 2018 elections, the midterm outlook might be better than you think for the GOP – and it might even be a good year for the Republican Senate Majority. 

What’s your early take on the 2018 midterm elections – do you foresee a Pelosi victory, conservative gains or the status quo? Tell me what you’re thinking right now – that’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll. 

And have a great weekend!