Daily Update

The President’s State of the Union Address can be read here. 

The Heritage Foundation did some fact checking of his speech; read their results here.  They also did an in-depth analysis of his proposals that you can read here.

It was disappointing to watch some members sitting stone faced when President Trump touted the lowest black unemployment rate ever and other accomplishments that make life better for Americans. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich also had some thoughts on the President’s address. 

Personally, his defense of American being dreamers too, is the line, I believe, will resonate, and be remembered.  This was also a quintessential moment of the President’s address.

Sadly, what will also be remembered is Congressman Gutierrez storming out and flaunting lawlessness in the Capitol.

This is not a solution, in fact, it only encourages drug addiction while sending the wrong message. 

Joseph Curl opines in the Washington Times on the unraveling of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Sen. Schumer says the President’s address “stoked the fires of division”.  Didn’t he really mean Joseph Kennedy III speech stoked the fires of division!  Matt Vespa opines on the rising democratic star here

State Precluded From Spending $100 Million on Civil Legal Needs of Low-Income People.

Chairman Long had a few words to say about state judges interfering with law enforcement officials in courthouses.   

Sen. John DeFrancisco makes it official.  See what Chairman Mike Long had to say in this New York Times piece.   

In case you missed Chairman Long on Capital Tonight, you can watch it here – if you have a Spectrum News ID. 

I agree wholeheartedly with John Kelly!

The NY Post opines on the Joe Percoco trialPolitico is covering the trial in depth

Maybe NYSUT needs a refresher course on math — where do they expect this money to come from when NY is already deeply in debt. 

The only-in-New-York law that’s death on affordable housing

Seriously, is anyone surprised that a memo that appears to fault the higher-ups in the FBI would  condemn the release of the memo in rare statement.  

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