Daily Update

E. J. McMahon, always a favorite speaker at our annual convention, has an excellent column about Governor Cuomo’s big stealth tax hike on his NY Torch blog.  You can read it here

Bill Hammond, explains in his column in the NY Torch blog, how Governor Cuomo’s budget is going to increase the cost of your private health insurance to pay for government’s health insurance increased costs (partially due to the increased minimum wage).

There is good news in a new Marist Poll.  While 51% of the respondents called themselves pro-choice, 60 percent of them said they support limitations on abortions, such as backing a ban on the procedures after 20 weeks of pregnancy and opposing the use of tax dollars to pay for them.  Read more about the poll in the Daily Signal

More good news, this from Secretary Betsy DeVos, on the federal level, Common Core is dead.  However, unfortunately, here in New York City, the city Department of Education is a cesspool of cronyism.

Congress is completely wrong on this.

Thank you Apple, and to all the other companies that are investing in America and Americans again.

File this under “Know what your children/grandchildren are reading.”

And file this under “A straight-talking assessment of what President Trump said about those other countries.”

European leaders, facing growing public unease, toughen up on immigration.

And then there is this, The Democrats’ Dilemma: Immigration and the Welfare State

The Dangerous Supreme Court Case Nobody Is Talking About

The NY Post editorial opines on Cory Booker’s latest sad stunt

Flashback:  Rev. Jesse Jackson thanks Donald J. Trump for a lifetime of service to African Americans.