Daily Update

The NY Post editorial board assesses the Governor’s proposed budget simply:  Cuomo’s $168B budget is pure fantasy.    Tom Precious, writes in the Buffalo News  that Cuomo’s budget raises $1 billion in new taxes to pay for spending plans.Politico New York, isn’t quite as realistic, but does point out the non-budget items in the Governor’s proposal, including, but not limited to: “the extension of tuition assistance programs to undocumented immigrants, extending the statute of limitations for victims of child sex abuse, reduce the state’s use of cash bail and reduce the giving power of limited liability corporations.” 

The Conservative Party is calling for a constitutional amendment in its 2018 Legislative Program that would prohibit non-fiscal items/issues to be included in the budget.  Government is divided into three parts for a reason; to prevent any one part to become too powerful.  By allowing the NYS Budget to have non-fiscal items/issues continue to be embedded in the budget, the Legislature is diminishing its own importance and undermines the very reason for its existence. 

E. J. McMahon outlines the loose ends in the Governor’s budget proposal 

The Daily Signal has a short synopsis on Right-to-Work, rather timely considering today’s press release.

There is a snowflake in the US Senate and he wants to be the president.  Where is his outrage on this

Joseph Curl reminds us that we had to explain much worse to our children when Bill Clinton was president.  Here are Larry Horist’s thoughts on the President Trump’s “salty” language.   

City Journal explains how the times have changed since Lady Liberty welcomed immigrants to Ellis Island. 

You think Democrats want to fix immigration? Dream on!

Government out of control:  This Man Gave Free Haircuts to Veterans and Got Clobbered by Regulators

BREAKING: President Trump to Address March for Life

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams