Weekly Wrap-Up

One year into his administration, President Trump is the “Nobama,” methodically undoing the 44th president’s left-wing legacy. Elections do have consequences!

What word do you think best describes President Trump’s leadership in his first year in office? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll. 

One of the masterminds behind President Trump’s 2016 victory, Corey Lewandowski, will be joining us for our 51st Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference (CPPAC), which starts January 28. I hope you’ll sign up and join us! 

President Trump is busy establishing a legacy of his own, especially in the realm of economic growth. Apple, hardly a conservative-aligned corporation, is the latest company to expand thanks to the Trump-GOP tax cuts. 

Compare that to the Cuomo legacy here in New York – punishing tax hikes, uncontrolled spending and economic suffering being felt across the state.

And while Andrew Cuomo champions the left’s radical abortion agenda, another Trump legacy already in the making is the advancement of the pro-life cause. His administration is moving to protect the pro-life consciences of health care workers, and he will be the first sitting President to address the annual March for Life (the real “march for women”) via live video feed. Now if our culture would just catch up and accept the science of when life begins. 

Here’s a simple yet important question: Why are you pro-life? That’s the second item in our new Weekly Poll. 

Now for a bombshell of a story that could break wide open any minute now: Will Congress #releasethememo? A new surveillance report is being described as “worse than Watergate” and could send people to jail – and all of this is on top of the Democrats’ Russian dossier scandal that just gets more and more outrageous. 

Republicans believe the American people should know what really happened, and I agree. If the memo is released, whose behavior do you think will be revealed as the MOST shameful? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll.

Have a great weekend!