Daily Update

If Mayor de Blasio hired you and you do your job well…you can expect to be fired, but if you knowingly certify that an inspection was done when it was not, you keep your job and try to fire underlings.  The debacle could cost taxpayers $100 millionThis man, Mayor de Lusional, wants to be president of the United States…he obviously lives in his own world and it now makes more sense why he honeymooned in Cuba.

Robert Knight explains the perils of socialism in his Washington Times column:  Socialism’s predictable outcomes. 

Stephen Moore says the stupid party gets smart.  

Kudos to former State Chairman/ State Senator, Serphin R. Maltese, for standing up for the history of our country.  Sen. Maltese said this “I strongly urge that all of us take a more historical perspective on the matter of Columbus and stop asserting our individual, political, religious, and racial opinions to make gross and untenable points that disparage and denigrate not only Columbus but his heritage, nationality, religion, and all those who honor and venerate him and his historic accomplishments,” at the first meeting of the Mayor’s Commission to study the city’s monuments.  Stay tuned, four more meeting will be held – during the day, making to harder for working New Yorkers to speak out.    

EPA’s Scott Pruitt drains the swamp like no one else in Washington.  

Thank you Charles Hurt for your excellent column, Democrats’ depravity laid bare by Bill Clinton

Lerner, Paz say they fear physical harm from enraged public, want IRS testimony sealed permanently.  But haven’t they insisted they did nothing wrong and then President Obama agreed.  Why would anyone want to harm them when they did nothing wrong? 

File this under “Only Others Have Faults” or “But, I Really Did Win the Presidency.”

The Daily Signal explains the 6 Key Elements in Understanding the Tangled Uranium One Scandal.  And Marc A. Thiessen explains why the Clinton’s should be investigated

In case you missed these over the weekend:  How New Yorkers are doubly burned by high cigarette tax; Why tax-suffocated New Yorkers need reform ASAP (another great column by Michael Goodwin.); The high cost of de Blasio’s free rent and then there is this:  Cuomo Named in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, Accused of ‘Deliberate Indifference, which made national news. 

Good News:  Nebraska panel approves alternative Keystone XL route

Barring any earth shattering news, we will return on Monday, November 27, 2017