Daily Update

The NY Post headline reads – NY GOP wants Harry Wilson to take out Cuomo – however, I only see quotes from Chairman Mike Long.  You can listen to what Chairman Long had to say regarding the column on the Fred Dicker radio show here.  Chairman Long’s remarks begin at 21:30 mark. 

Here are a few articles of interest you may have missed over the long holiday weekend:  Cuomo’s latest ‘economic development’ implosion;  Signing these bills would just license more corruptionNYPD monitor exposes the idiocy of the ruling he’s supposed to enforce;   Mrs. Clinton Convicts Herself In Stunning Display of Rage At What Happened in 2016How Ten Dem (Dumb) Members of Congress Encourage the Use of Child TerroristsSwedish “No Go Zones” Are Getting So Bad That Residents Are Scared to Leave HomeShut down the politicians’ sex-scandal hush fundsMore problems with closing Indian Point;  Per diems help pay for lawmakers’ real estate3 NY State Agencies Targeting Sale of Contraband Cigarettes;  and this one  shows you  the blatant  hypocrisy of elected officials

Parents beware:  How nutty adjuncts are slipping into local colleges.  

The Manhattan Institute  opines on the tax reform bill; while the Daily Signal explains in charts, how these 7 taxpayers’ bills would change if tax reform was enacted. 

The Beat opines on Easing Off Crime

Supreme Court won’t take Texas case over student-led prayer

National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy says Trump’s in the Right in CFPB Tiff.

Guy Benson thinks Nancy Pelosi is a train wreck.

George J. Marlin opines on Lenin’s Legacy: Lessons in Communism’s Ruthlessness

A good law to repeal and the solid reason why it should be repealed. 

“Baby Boomers” will not like this honest article

Save this article for when you have some extra time to digest what Donald Devine has to say about Anglifying American Conservatism.