Daily Update

Today’s NY Post editorial states that a new bombshell report on the Housing Authority indicates that Mayor de Blasio is MIA.  “The city Department of Investigation report accuses NYCHA of failing to conduct required lead-paint inspections — and then lying about it to federal officials. Those inspections are meant to see that young kids aren’t at risk for lead poisoning.” (Read the full report here.)  Unfortunately, this was not the first time NYCHA was careless under the de Blasio Administration, it was the fourth time in two years.  What is even more pathetic is that Mayor de Blasio just coasted to another four-year term.  New York City residents:  Brace yourselves for more reports like this.   ” Mayor de Lusional” believes he has a mandate, is untouchable and can do everything he sets out to do. 

Less prisoners, higher costs in NYC.   The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the costs have gone up 44% in the last decade while inmate numbers declined by 30%. “City officials say that money is being well spent on skill-development programs for inmates designed to help them readjust to society after they are released. A Department of Correction spokesman noted $93 million in funding Mayor Bill de Blasio has invested since fiscal 2016 for such programs and job training.”  More of your hard-earned dollars being used for programs to help others while you struggle to help you and your family.   

 Investor’s Business Daily asks the question:  Will Justice Investigate Hillary Clinton’s Crimes In Uranium One-Fusion GPS Scandal? It Should. Meanwhile, Shepard Smith has created a hornet’s nest when reporting on Fox News that conservatives were misrepresenting Hillary’s role in the Uranium One deal.  Read Guy Benson’s analysis of the Uranium One deal here.  

New Yorker’s voted for President Ronald Reagan twice (and still revere him) ;  Hear his argument for eliminating the state and local tax deduction.   It is therefore not surprising that Mick Mulvaney fiercely defended the elimination of state and local tax deductibility in the federal tax overhaul, saying the White House can’t be blamed that people are fleeing New York because of high taxes.  It certainly does not help when the state taxes you when you die.

New Yorkers are right to fume over the Tappan Zee’s new name

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