Daily Update

Well, Mayor de Blasio admits his NYCHA Chairwoman Shola Olatoye failed to conduct thousands of required lead paint inspections on his watch and knowingly filed a false report, yet his spokesperson said, “Mayor de Blasio continues to have full confidence in Chair Olatoye and her work turning around NYCHA. We do not believe there is any evidence that anyone intentionally made any misstatements to HUD.”   The Mayor’s statement sends the wrong message; essentially his administration does not have to perform at 100% and covering-up “mistakes” is perfectly acceptable.  Disgraceful message; Mayor  de Lusional is living up to his new nickname. 

After admitting just last month that it has been a bad 50 years for the upstate economy, Governor Cuomo’s  obvious pursuit of his next job has led him to embrace politically popular, economically harmful ideas in his current one.  Then there is this….More scrutiny for Cuomo’s economic development programs.   The Empire Center lets us know the private job gains have been weak in NY.  

Pope Francis should stick to theology  and leave the climate to scientists – who are divided on the issue.     Podcast: The Inanity of Climate Change Activists Protesting Trump

Through God, This Mississippi Boys School Is Working to Heal the Racial Divide

Mona Charen makes a good point (or two) in her column the uses of disgrace.

Seriously? Menendez Plays the Race Card After Judge Declares Mistrial in Corruption Case; UPDATE: Faces Ethics Probe?

House Passes Tax Reform Bill — 227-205

Robert Knight writes how the Bergdahl liberals blur line between honor and dishonor

Donald Devine opines on  the bureaucratic incompetence of the FDA.