Daily Update

E. J. McMahon explains a simple fact in his column Right Point, Wrong data;  New York State is dangerously over-dependent on taxes generated by a relatively small handful of very high-income taxpayers.  His numbers show how a loss of only 10% of high earners could really put New York’s economy in a tail spin. 

The Daily Signal compares the House and Senate tax bill. 

Warren L. Coats, Jr., is an economist specializing in monetary policy and has this to say about the current tax proposal

Richard W. Rahn has more information and charts on the tax proposal in the Washington Times.   Stephen Moore, also opining in the Washington Times, reminds republicans how important it is to extend the Budget Control Act of 2011, the best weapon against runaway federal spending in 30 years?

Two articles discuss  that  the Supreme Court will hear a case on whether California Pro-Lifers have to promote abortion,  one article in the Daily Signal, the other in National Review

Life News reports,– albeit the case happened in Belgium, but if Physicians’ Assisted Suicide is adopted in New York, it could also happen here, — how a “doctor” euthanized a healthy woman aged 64 who suffered from mental health problems.  What kind of “doctor” would euthanize a woman because she was depressed? 

The Daily Caller writes that nonprofits unapologetically accepted millions in ‘Blood Money’ from opioid profiteers.  It is an interesting, yet sad commentary on one family that donates opioid profits, not to organizations that would help the addicted, but to feel good “community free days,” sponsored by the Sackler Institute at the Dia Art Foundation.  Would the participants enjoy the day knowing it was funded by opioid drugs?

Yesterday, we linked to an article on New York City’s campaign finance laws, today we offer Larry Horist’s article on the Federal Election Commission, a bad idea made worse over time.  Both of the articles should make it perfectly clear that public campaign financing is a complete waste of our taxpayers’ money.  

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney has a great idea for corrupt federal employees:  stripe their pensions.  New Yorkers like that idea as evidenced by the overwhelming support for statewide proposal 2 passed on November 7. 

Careless mistakes cost NYC $26 million.  Since New York City does not have its own money, it costs the residents $26 million. 

Some members of the NYC Council are balking at the Mayor’s reckless drive to keep choking small businesses.

Remembering the Birth and Rise of Modern Conservatism, we just want to remind you that Arnold Steinberg’s great book, Whiplash! From JFK to Donald Trump, a Political Odyssey, would make a terrific Christmas present to a person who enjoys history and the conservative movement.