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“As evidence grows of actual collusion and possible illegal pay-for-play ties between Hillary Clinton, her closest political allies and Russian officials, the former secretary of state and presidential candidate declares on C-Span “it’s the same baloney they’ve been peddling for years, and there’s been no credible evidence by anyone.” She called the stories “debunked.”  Thus begins the Investor’s Business Daily editorial and no one is surprised with Hillary’s response to the two new investigations in Congress, but her reaction was before the explosive Washington Post’s article late last night.  The Washington Post has a follow up piece this morning , reminding us of Hillary’s disingenuous dossier outrage.   Fox News confirmed the Washington Post piece, here is National Review on-line’s assessment of the breaking story,  the New York Post’s Michael Goodwin’s opinion and Joe Tacopino’s news article in the NY Post. Is anyone surprised that it may just be the “tip of the iceberg?”

Tammy Bruce writes about the liberal media’s meltdown

We, the taxpayers of New York paid Harvey Weinstein’s company how much in subsidies?  Every citizen in New York State should demand that every single penny in tax credits should end immediately!  

When you keeping repeating an untruth, some people begin to believe it is a truth.  Governor Cuomo seems to believe that upstate New York’s economy has turned around under his leadership…the only way it will truly turnaround is when the taxes and regulations that strangle our businesses are lowered and removed.  Two Cuomo Administrations have done a significant amount of damage. 

This is true for Suffolk County — Suffolk can’t hide tax hikes by calling them fees – and it is true for the rest of the state.  Governor Cuomo are you reading and listening to editorials like today’s NY Post editorial above? (The new Government Justice Center filed a lawsuit yesterday claiming Suffolk county illegally imposed $66 million in fee hikes.)

And here is some advice for Mayor de Blasio:  Experts say his traffic plan won’t work.

Be forewarned: according to the American Culture and Faith Institute, liberals are more committed than conservatives in believing that there is a need for significant cultural change in the U.S. 

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