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John Solomon’s explosive articles in The Hill continue with this one breaking last evening  FBI informant in Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery cleared to testify before Congress.   And with this news, the protective wall surrounding Hillary, the Clinton Foundation and family members, is cracking much faster than expected.  Glenn Thrush said on MSNBC last night, that the democrats want you to believe the  dossier came from Intel community.  Well, of course they did!  If anyone thought Hillary’s campaign or the DNC paid for it, who could possibly believe it.  The NY Post editorial board asks the question  Clinton’s collusion: Who will investigate the new Russia scandal?  And then there is this:  Clinton campaign accused of violating election law by funding anti-Trump dossier.  Suzanne Field writes about what happens when the hunters become the hunted.  

Typical Hillary:  Of Course I Had No Idea We Paid For The Russia Dossier or That It Existed

When it rains, it poursWhen it rains, it really pours!

Trump administration lawyers asked the Supreme Court Wednesday for permission to argue on behalf of a Christian baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony, in a case that promises to test the limits of gay rights and First Amendment freedoms.

The Post-Journal (Jamestown area) gets it right:  Vote ‘No’ For Constitutional Convention.  The Empire Government also says: Let’s not mess with the State Constitution.

Surprise, Surprise!  Mayor de Blasio admits his statue removal tribunal is nonsense.  With all the other news this week, I may have overlooked Michael Goodwin’s article De Blasio hiding his true intentions until after Election Day. Mr. Goodwin gives us various good reasons to just throw him out of office.  Here is another good reason.

House paves way for Trump tax reform plan by passing $4T budgetThis from the NY Post on the House Vote.