Daily Update

This headline grabs your attention:  To Mend a birth defect, Surgeons Operate on the Patient within the Patient.  Dateline Huston.  The patient, still inside his mother’s womb, came into focus on flat screens, in a darkened operating room.  Fingers, toes, the soles of his feet – all exquisite, all perfectly formed.

Now one would think you were reading from a Pro-Life news site or pamphlet.  What is surprising is this is an article in the New York Times.  It is an article about a new experiential technique for spina bifida. The infant is at 24 weeks gestation and the headlines “patient within the patient.” acknowledges this baby is alive and they are trying to make his life better.   The article also indicates that they administered anesthesia to the infant before they began the actual operation.  The New York Times may be seeing the light that the pro-live movement will always shine to protect the innocent unborn.  And it is refreshing to fine good news, a special thank you to Kathleen Gallagher for sharing this uplifting article. 

DOJ says it’s settled ‘contraception mandate’ cases.

Michael R. Strain writes in National Review online that birth is the great equalizer. 

In 1968 Virginia Slims  had a commercial extoling  women smoking cigarettes saying “you’ve come a long way baby,” 49 years later the transformation of women seems to be complete as Pentagon advocates requiring women to sign up for military draft

Nolan Peterson writes in the Daily Signal that apathy is the greatest insult to the memory of fallen soldiers

The Daily Signal examines if religious faith can make a difference in opioid abuse. 

John Mannion points out the dangers of holding a Constitutional Convention in response to Syracuse.com’s call for a Con-Con.  Speaking of the Constitutional Convention, Chairman Michael R. Long appeared on the Road to City Hall last night with other members of the coalition to Vote No on the Con-Con. 

Now Democrats have a Russia problem.

This proposal is a great idea, but why stop with the NFL?

Pay attention to who is teaching your children, especially on the college level.

This should be interesting, with any amount of luck, former AG Holder will be called in also to explain his role.