Weekly Wrap-Up

As Democrats play politics with America’s national security, President Trump gave the United Nations a much-needed dose of true straight talk

When everybody from Hillary Clinton to the President of Iran is outraged, you know Trump is doing something right.

And he’s following up his words on North Korea with action.

What was your favorite line from President Trump’s United Nation’s speech? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll – and let me tell you, it was almost impossible to narrow it down to a reasonable number of choices. Here is a transcript: I encourage you to read the whole thing several times, to fully grasp how well our President defends our country.

I’m also wondering what you think is the biggest (and best) difference between President Trump and President Obama. That’s our second Poll question for the week.

And finally – what do you think is the biggest problem with the United Nations? The endless corruption? The exorbitant cost? The waste and mismanagement? The coddling of dictators and anti-Semites?

As President Trump continues to keep his conservative promises, Hillary’s sour grapes tour is going full-speed-ahead. She seems delusional, as do many of her supporters.

Right now the Democrats’ biggest health care thinkers are a Socialist, a late-night talk show host, and a dishonest ex-President. No wonder their party is in shambles.

There’s nothing the Democrats’ won’t exploit to save Obamacare, or to defend illegal immigration, for that matter.

Speaking of Obama and dishonesty – we could be reaching Nixon-levels of corruption here.

You’ve probably heard liberals talk endlessly about how this year’s hurricanes are the result of global warming.  Don’t believe them.

But this you can believe – Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio have made a mess of New York’s subways, among many other things. And if you ever hear Cuomo talk about health care for the “indigent” – remember the real story.

Have a great weekend!