Daily Update

Good news is coming from Washington, DC:  At last, the GOP moves toward tax cuts.  The Daily Signal has more on the push for tax reform.   Even Obama’s Julia would have a better life because of tax reform.  

And, more good news, this from the White House:  Trump signs order targeting North Korea’s trade partners. Here is Fox News’ coverage of President Trump’s proposal and, of course, the North Korean response.   Marc A. Thiessen, explains why the left hated Trump’s U.N. speech.  Paul Kengor has a history lesson for those who have forgotten the response when President Bill Clinton threatened to “end” North Korea.  Here is Charles Hurt’s analysis on President Trump’s UN speech. 

Thank you Guy Benson, if you didn’t write this column, Pelosi: Let’s Face It, DREAMers’ Parents Did Something ‘Great’ By Breaking Our Laws, we would not know what lengths Congresswoman Pelosi would go to try justifying her position.  

Yes, Ronald Reagan was a labor hero.  

Malliotakis camp says private poll shows she still has a chance.  Nicole is campaigning all over the city and is certainly not being ignored by the media which helps her get her message out. Won’t you help her help NYC end the reign of Mayor de Blasio who, after being Mayor for almost 4 years still has to use a cheat sheet.  

When you control the membership, you get exactly what you want.  

Kudos to County Executive Rob Astorino!   He has a better understanding of the US Constitution than our current Governor.  John Testa, the County Board of Legislators Minority Leader, supports Mr. Astorino’s position.  

Our education system is failing America; it seems to be purposefully trying to destroy what makes America great…from within.  This poll is an eye-opener to those of us who thank God every day that we are born in America!