Daily Update

Nicole Gelinas reminds us of the help Puerto Rico needs and what it doesn’t need.  

In case you missed Michael Goodwin’s column over the weekend, we linked to it here.  As Mr. Goodwin does quite often, his column shines a light on why the swamp must be drained. 

Paul Sperry’s column informs us how Obama is funding the anti-Trump resistance.

Conrad Black opines in the NY Sun that Trump Will Call Kim’s Bluff Or World Will End Up With 30 A-Bomb States.  

Governor Cuomo, we told you this would happen:  Falling casino revenues are the latest sign Cuomo bet wrong for New York. 

Obviously, Judge Janet DiFiore, read the fine print when she was appointed Chief Judge by Governor Andrew Cuomo

Don’t Fall for Jimmy Kimmel’s Cheap Zero-Sum Emotionalism, especially when you learn Sen. Schumer coached Kimmel

Did you know these interesting stats on football players in general?   Taking a knee is making a big mistake.  Congressman Peter King has this to say about taking a knee.  For the record, Roger Goodell, is making a huge mistake by not following the rules of the National Football League, he is putting his agenda before the leagues rules and in doing so, will continue to lose fans.