Daily Update

Iceland stirred a hornet’s nest – or was it really CBS that stirred the hornet’s nest — with the extremely misleading headlines of Sunday’s program.  The Daily Signal weighs in on the disturbing practice , so does One News Now,  and the NY Post editorial board calls it a troubling way to eradicate a disorder.  I am certain that many in the United States applaud Iceland’s method of “eradicating a disorder; these are the same depraved people who have lost respect for the miracle of life and the joy of raising, teaching and loving a human being other than themselves.  As I said yesterday, Iceland isn’t only cold…it has no heart.  

Iceland obviously wasn’t the only hornet’s nest this weekend and while Iceland’s controversy will calm down shortly, the outrage over the white supremacists in Charlottesville will continue for some time.  Kyle Smith opines in the National Review on destroying symbols: where does it end?  The Independent Journal Review gives the location of three Lenin statutes across the United States that are offensive and should go (but that doesn’t fit the narrative of the left, does it?)  Investor’s Business Daily enters the fray with this editorial, and Bob McManus had this to say,  while Laura Ingraham is correct in saying that the media has torched President Trump and will continue to torch him no matter what he says which hurts his ability to achieve his agenda.  Tammy Bruce writes in the Washington Times about the deadly impact of identity politics.   The white supremacists have no place in America, fortunately, they are very small in numbers and the Justice Department will bring them to justice.  Larry Horist asks this question:  Why is left-wing violence acceptable?  It isn’t.  And the current Justice Department will bring them to justice also. I want to know when the main stream media will stop agitating both sides under the guise of informing the public instead of being honest and saying sensationalism sells papers.  Don’t they have a certain amount of responsibility in keeping people safe?

Leave it to the Governor to jump headfirst into the fray and probably make it worse if his proposal becomes law.  Governor:  Enforce the laws already on the books.  

Mayor de Blasio’s first (and hopefully only)  term had regular help from an influential lobbying firm.   Your gift to the mayor lets him ‘fight’ by going on vacation.  

Joe Spector lets us know that NY health insurance rates will rise 15%.  

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