Daily Update

So, Mr. Mayor, when you over tax me to help others, will I be eligible to live here?  The original rent was going to be $631 per room for non-homeless shelter rent, but because of you taxpayers will have to pay $1028 per room for a homeless shelter rent.  Pretty good deal for the developer but he doesn’t think it is such a good deal.  Our Mayor, always thinking of those less fortunate and punishing those who work hard for a better life.  Maybe he would learn a thing to two if he reads Katherine Timpf’s great article in National Review:  What’s so generous about spending other people’s money?  I know, it is silly of me to think he would even read it or admit his beliefs are so misguided.

Governor Cuomo certainly had his finger in the air seeking the political direction of the current crisis and suddenly remembered that CUNY’s Hall of Fame has Confederate bust on display …and ordered them removed.  Such courage.  By the way, Governor Cuomo, you probably didn’t know that the “cleaning of the voter rolls” you are so against, began under President Obama.  

Another know-it-all slams the door shut on the First Amendment.  

Arthur Herman says Charlottesville never had to happen.  

The battle of Charlottesville: The center must hold.  

Ben Shapiro explains the 3-step argument the left makes to justify violence against conservative speakers.  

More news to make snowflakes happy and parents wondering why they are spending thousands of dollars on a college education: ‘Stress Reduction Policies’ Let Students Choose Their Own Grades.  

Ever wonder why health care costs are constantly going up?  Here is one reason why.  

Betsy McCaughey explains why workers need a corporate tax cut.  

Here are two positives articles for Pro-Lifers:  Court Rules Arkansas Can Defund Planned Parenthood and Why This Veteran With Terminal Brain Cancer Opposes Legalizing Assisted Suicide.    (Many who attended our CPPAC in 2016 remember J.J. Hanson’s moving presentation.)