Daily Update

Mayor de Blasio takes tax money for his campaign primary, because it is such a tough re-election, then goes on vacation.  If it is so close, why would you go on vacation, especially if you are truly dedicated to serving the people of New York City.  

Nicole Malliotakis is dedicated to being a true public servant; she understands the issues facing residents of New York City and has sound solutions for them.  Assemblywoman Malliotakis brings people together to find the best solutions and listens to their advice.  

Thank you, Patricia Heaton!  Your tweet “Iceland isn’t actually eliminating Down Syndrome. They’re just killing everybody that has it. Big difference,”  will hopefully open the eyes of those who fell for the extremely misleading headline.  

Cheryl K. Chumley explains the media to the media:  Trump on Charlottesville: Danged if he does, danged if he doesn’t.  Charlottesville was a government failure.  Sen. Tim Scott:  Fight hatred, fear and domestic violence with American values.  Unfortunately, not enough people are listening to him and continue on their hateful ways.  Through the eyes of a Daily Signal reporter who happened to be in Charlottesville on Saturday.  

Thank you, President Trump:  North Korea backs away from threats to nuke Guam.   What a beautiful sight.  We are only as strong as our defense and a Commander-in-Chief unafraid to use our military. when necessary; and the USS Gerald Ford says strength will all its 100,000 tons.  

Does President Trump know this?  It is well past time for a new commissioner at the IRS, however his term is not up until November 12, 2017.  

Another Governor Cuomo failure:  This firm has not moved to New York.  

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne says Vote NO on the Constitutional Convention