Daily Update

Kudos to Congressman Chris Collins for introducing the Second Amendment Guarantee Act (SAGA) that seeks to overturn current state and local gun laws that are more stringent than federal regulations, while blocking states and localities from enacting any such laws in the future.  Jerry Zremski, writing in Congressman Collin’s local paper, the Buffalo News, states it faces a long legislative road, but that may very well be his wishful thinking on his part.  Perhaps the Buffalo News missed the last week’s US Court of Appeals ruling that blocked DC’s law restricting gun rights and other recent wins for the 2nd Amendment. 

Sen. Lankford Confronts ABC Over Calling Alliance Defending Freedom a ‘Hate Group’.

President Trump, according to analysts, is on solid ground when he states he may take unilateral action, without having to wait for Congress, and order his administration to revoke the Obama-era policy that ruled — despite what they called a clear prohibition in law — that members of Congress could keep the special $12,000 Obamacare subsidy members of Congress receive each year courtesy of taxpayers. 

David Keene writes in the Washington Times:  No, this is not exactly 1974

Michael Goodwin opines that Trump is getting his White House in order.

John Kass writes an excellent article, Americans Microchipped in the Land of the Free, that is full of humor and the seriousness of the ever changing technology in today’s world.  One of those “if you only have time for one article” this is the one to read.

A conversation with mayoral hopeful Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis

There is very good news on the Charter School front — Raising the educational bar: Turns out charters improve the education of kids in co-located district schools

The NY Post editorial slams Mayor de Blasio for a lack of shame in asking for your tax money to fund his primary.  And slams him again for not keeping the desnudas in the designated activity zones.