Daily Update

Malliotakis calls for probe of city education spending.  Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis called on the Department of Investigation to probe the city’s education contracts after recent audits by the comptroller.  The comptroller’s spokesperson appears to be quite annoyed that the Assemblywoman cited the report.  Does he think only a democrat can cite the report or is he upset because his report hurts the top of his ticket, Mayor de Blasio.  Just seems like a rather strange reaction as reported in the article. Maybe they are just upset because Assemblywoman Malliotakis is getting good press on this and many other issues. 

Today, the Assemblywoman takes Mayor de Blasio to task (BTW, so did the NY Post editorial) for his school safety numbers.  Assemblywoman Malliotakis tells Mayor de Blasio, “to stop trying to play New Yorkers for fools and starting sticking to the facts.” 

Senator John De Francisco is exploring a run for governor

New York State Board of Elections will comply with President Donald J. Trump’s request for the state’s voter database. 

Canada has physicians’ assisted suicide; this is what can happen when government allows physicians to assist in suicide

Great escape: From liberalism to conservatism.  Maybe Paul Chabot will help some of his fellow Americans still living in Maryland.  If we Americans do not stand up and pay attention to what is going on we may end up like this.

Nothing has changed with Al Gore; his home and lifestyle do not reflect his preaching

David N. Bossie has an article on Fox News Opinion that spells out the dirty little secret that is haunting democrats; well worth reading.  David N. Bossie is President of Citizens United, a Fox News Contributor, and the former Deputy Campaign Manager for Donald Trump for President and on October 12, 2017 we will present him with our prestigious Ronald Reagan Award so mark your calendars now and plan on being with us on Thursday, October 12, 2017.  More details to follow.