Daily Update

Breaking:  Anthony Scaramucci is out as communications director

Mayor de Blasio must be very unsure of his accomplishments in New York City.  Why else would he be doing this:  De Blasio, citing primary competition, requests millions in matching funds.   When you are good at your job, and doing what people want you to do, voters are eager to help keep you in office.   The mayor is automatically entitled to $958,000 as part of the city’s matching funds program, but the request on Friday asks for the maximum contribution from the board, which could grant the mayor as much as $2.9 million in additional funding.  The mayor loves your tax dollars and if elected, he will need even more of your tax dollars to fund his progressive ideals, for example, allowing desnudas to “run wild” in Times Square or ignoring subway scofflaws.

The NY Post editorial yesterday was simple and to the point: Squabbling over the subway-repair bill, stating both the governor and the mayor have a serious credibility problem.  I’ll add a leadership problem and isn’t it time they put their egos in their back pocket and think of what New Yorkers are going through.   

Nicole Malliotakis slams de Blasio’s MTA budget criticism.    Nicole Malliotakis was on The Cat’s Roundtable yesterday and you can hear it here. 

Chairman Michael R. Long appeared on The Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter discussing  November’s upcoming vote on holding a Constitutional Convention.  The Conservative Party is opposed to holding a Constitutional Convention. 

This is very disturbing news:  Comptroller says New York spent legal settlement funds on budget relief. 

Leading national conservatives signed a memo that was released on Friday by the Conservative Action Project supporting Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Chairman Michael R. Long was among the signatories

The NY Post editorial on Sunday weighed in also:  Trump is shooting at his own general in the war on MS-13.

Roger Kimball writes about the Pakistani Hackers Working for the DNC

New Report Exposes Thousands of Illegal Votes in 2016 Election

Robert Knight opines on transforming the military, one tweet at a time

Trump’s Transgender Tweets Resonate with Americans.

This will resonate with Americans also: Trump administration suggests ending enforcement of Obamacare’s individual mandate.  Here is some background information on Congress being in the Obamacare trap from the Heritage Foundation