Weekly Wrap-Up

“The Comey Show” didn’t live up to the hype – by most accounts it was a pretty weak case put forth by the former FBI Director. But the Democrats’ hatred of President Trump was and still is strong. 

We did learn that President Trump has not been under FBI investigation – as Sen. Marco Rubio wisely pointed out, this is seemingly the ONLY nugget of information that somehow wasn’t leaked out by Team Comey. 

Seems like Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and virtually the entire media owe President Trump an apology – but I certainly won’t be holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

We also learned what many of us suspected – that Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch wasn’t seeking justice but playing partisan games with investigations (er, “matters”) into Hillary’s wrongdoing. Will Hillary be adding Mrs. Lynch to her laundry list of people to blame for her 2016 defeat? 

Suddenly The New York Times is concerned about Loretta Lynch’s independence – did this not occur to them almost a year ago after her secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton? 

The Times had problems of its own as Comey testified that one of their blockbuster stories about Trump and Russia was fake news. The New York Post lays out the liberals’ dilemma: You can’t trust both Comey and the Times.

Now, on to this week’s poll questions. Of course the James Comey testimony was the week’s big news, so we’ll start there: What do you think is the BIGGEST IMPACT of Comey’s Senate testimony? 

There are endless lists of “winners” and “losers” in the wake of Comey’s testimony. Who among the anti-Trump forces do you believe came out of Thursday’s spectacle as the biggest loser? That’s our Weekly Poll’s second question. 

Finally, a question that was practically written for me, and just in time since quite a bit of this week’s Wrap-Up deals with fake news and media malpractice: A new Quinnipiac poll asked a question about the media’s coverage of the political scene, and whether it makes Americans feel enthusiastic, satisfied but not enthusiastic, dissatisfied but not angry, or angry. How would you have answered if you had been included in this poll? 

Have a great weekend!