Daily Update

Michael Goodwin, one of the most acuminous political opinion writers around, wrote over the weekend that Comey’s ‘truth’ crusade is really an anti-Trump one.  

Economy emerges as bright spot for Trump, but, NY’s tax revenues lower. Serious future problems develop when tax revenues do not equal what is projected in order to balance the state budget.

School-desegregation push doesn’t help the kids who need it.  

Local victims of bombings by the terror group FALN watched in disgust Sunday as one of the murderous organization’s former leaders led Manhattan’s Puerto Rican Day Parade — riding out in front as the guest of honor with his fist thrust defiantly in the air.  Here is what the NY Post editorial board has to say about Oscar Lopez Rivera’s appearance in the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

By the way, Puerto Rico upholds statehood demand in contentious vote., only 23% turnout in the non-binding vote.  

I know politicians love being in the limelight, but, Congressman Crowley can’t be too happy about this.   

Flanagan would reduce nuke subsidies.  

It is good to see corporations taking a stand on their own, without people calling for boycotts.  

Universal Basic Idiocy.  

Do we really want to devolve into this?  Or fact problems like this?  Are we frogs in boiling water, or will we realize what is going happening in Europe?

Robert Knight opines on bowing to Bernie’s secular gods.  

This week on the Journal Editorial Report on Fox News, Michael Mukasey dissects the Comey hearing, fallout.  

Dershowitz Tweetstorm: There’s No Evidence of Obstruction, and Inventing Crimes is Dangerous.  

It looks like a book deal is in the works for the former director, but how will we know if the book is honest and not just a fired employee looking to establish that he was fired without cause?