Daily Update

New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has an agenda, and this statement proves that she is deaf to where New York City residents stand when it comes to honoring a convicted terrorist.    The Speaker always seeks the spotlight, however, on this issue she avoids the press.  

The NY Post and the rest of New Yorkers want to know how would the mayor keep juvenile criminals off the streets?  

Talk about stirring the pot, what is Governor Cuomo talking about when he says “Start with me” regarding deporting immigrants.  Really, Governor Cuomo, how downright reprehensible to compare American citizens born here to those who enter our country illegally.  Do you lock your door at night or do you leave it open for anyone to come in your home?  (Of course, you don’t have to worry about locking your door since you have the constant presence of your taxpayer funded state police detail give you protection; ordinary citizens do not have that luxury.) My grandparents emigrated to America, as did yours, legally.  That is all we ask, that anyone who wants to live in America, to do so legally, by knocking on the front door and asking to come into our home.  Governor, identity politics, the politics that drives you, is reprehensible.

Congressman Chris Collins has no fear of the Governor’s stated plan to remove New York’s  GOP Members of Congress.  In fact, Congressman Collins says, bring it on!

New Report Shows Visa Overstays Are Up. How Congress Can Help Better Enforce Immigration Law.  

William McGurn, writing in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), explains why the elites hate.  

‘The King and I,’ Starring Hillary Clinton by Bill O’Reilly’s staff.  

Comey’s Coy Testimony Indicts Himself, Not Trump.   Watch for yourself here.   Loretta Lynch Told Comey He Should Call Clinton Probe a “Matter,” Not An Investigation.  Comey Admits to Leaking: I Had a Friend Give My Memos To a Reporter.  Comey: Nobody, Including The President, Asked Me to Stop The FBI’s Russia Investigation.  Chris Matthews: Trump-Russia collusion theory ‘came apart’ with Comey testimony.  

Photo Credit:  ABC News