Weekly Wrap-Up

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” President Trump stated brilliantly as he announced his decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement.

And don’t forget the citizens of Plattsburgh, Potsdam, Pomfret and every New York city and town across the state that has been left behind by the liberals’ radical environmental agenda.  

As Kellyanne Conway puts it, President Trump promised to protect America and that’s exactly what he’s doing. (If you made it to our 55th Annual Dinner last night where Kellyanne was our special guest, you know what an extraordinary spokesperson she is for this Administration!)

I agree with the President – the Paris Accord is a BAD deal for Americans… a poorly-negotiated plan that overregulates our country at the expense of our economy and job growth, while giving a free pass to the top global emitters, like China. As the world leader in energy production the last thing the U.S. needs is a bad deal that will harm American workers.

What do you think is the BEST reason for freeing our country from this Obama-Era boondoggle? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll – vote now! 

Liberals are of course outraged, but President Trump is doing the right thing for America, plus a huge favor to our economy. 

What do you think President Trump’s determination to get America out from under the Paris Accord says about his leadership? That’s our new Weekly Poll’s second question, and I look forward to seeing the answers. 

Of course Hillary Clinton chimed in on the matter, because she cares oh-so-much about reducing carbon emissions. Do as I say, not as I do – that’s the Clinton Way.

Hillary has hit a new low in her “blame game” post-election crusade, ascribing her loss to a long list of enemies while ignoring her own worst enemy: herself

What do you think this says about Hillary’s leadership? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll. 

BREAKING NEWS: Oscar Lopez Rivera won’t be honored after all in the upcoming Puerto Rican Day Parade – not formally, anyway… but he will still be part of the festivities. But is the damage already done? 

Have a great weekend!