Daily Update

President Reagan,  we celebrate what you gave us while we still mourn your death 13 years ago today.  

Matthew Continetti writes about another great conservative icon (who has also left us), the irreplaceable William F. Buckley, Jr. 

Ralph Z. Hallow opines on the NYS Conservative Party’s annual dinner in the Washington Times. 

Governor Cuomo thinks he is already president of the United States as he bullies private health insurance companies by telling them if they withdraw from the Obamacare Health Exchanges they will not be allowed to participate in Medicaid or the Children’s Health Plan.  He will also require them to provide the 10 essential “health benefits” required by Obamacare…all of this bluster prior to knowing what the final revised bill will contain.  Some believe that Gov. Cuomo’s plan would bring more uncertainty to NY Insurers.  Meanwhile, Obamacare continues to fail.  

More bad news for New York:  State population getting older as young people leave upstate area.  This is a major reason why young people are fleeing New York:  New York ranks 32 among states as best location to find jobs, study shows.  

The Mayor, believes that taking mass transit would be “cheap symbolism.”  However, he has no problem with Oscar Lopez Rivera’s cheap symbolism in saying  “ I’m just marching as a “humble Puerto Rican grandfather,”     The latest Puerto Rican parade twist is just damage control.

Poor Bill, his legal troubles have been very costly, how will he pay for them?  Will taxpayers ultimately end up paying them? 

Linda Chavez ends her NY Post column with this “Turning the story of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election into a partisan issue helps further Russian aims, and the real loser is American democracy.”  Read the rest of her how Hillary’s sore-loserism helps Vladimir Putin column here.  

The NY Sun thinks former Mayor Bloomberg is on thin ice and that he should read the US Constitution when it comes to the Paris Accord.  

This New Hampshire County Switched From Obama to Trump. How the Opioid Crisis May Have Influenced That.  

How true!  

Will the main street media cover the fact that President Trump is helping veterans?  Or the plans to change American air travel