Daily Update

Malliotakis calls for de Blasio to drop out of Puerto Rican Day Parade.  “I think it’s completely outrageous that we have a mayor and a Council speaker who think it’s appropriate to not only attend, but to march alongside the leader of the organization that claimed responsibility for these attacks on our city,” said Malliotakis, a member of the state Assembly.   Did you know that Staten Island Borough President, James Oddo endorsed Nicole’s run for Mayor?  And today, former candidate for NYC Mayor, Joe Lhota, also endorsed the Assemblywoman.

Michael Goodwin is blunt in his assessment of today’s democrats.   Goodwin reminds me of one of former President Ronald Reagan’s famous quotes, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic Party left me.,” and that was long before (1962) the democrats in leadership positions  today find it necessary to honor a convicted terrorist

Manhattan Institute’s The Beat has more background information on the terrorist. 

Here is another democratic leader who is so far to the left that he is determined to curb American’s right to free speech.   Ironically, the person who committed the murders is a Bernie supporter and has nothing to do with the Trump speech Wheeler wants to cancel.  

Robert Knight opines on from suppression to coercion.  

FACT CHECK: Does the Trump Budget Gut Medicaid?

Obama’s regulations in 2016 to drain economy by $2 trillion.  You can read the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s report here. 

Heather MacDonald opines on The Left’s Unilateral Suicide Pact.  

Take that North Korea:  Successful U.S. missile interceptor test cast as warning to North Korea, Iran.   

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