Daily Update

We hope you all had a safe and uplifting Memorial Day and had the chance to partake in Memorial Day festivities.  Thank you to all our veterans, those who gave their all, those who are still giving and future veterans who will take up the cause of freedom…we pray for you and your families

Chris Pope writes in National Review online about the single-payer mirage an excellent article that everyone who support single-payer health care should read, including elected officials. California is shocked as to the cost of this progressive dream, taxpayer nightmare.

We used to be deplorable, now we are crazy!  Hillary, let it go, you failed, you lost because of things you did, just let it go and try to be a good grandmother, not a bitter curmudgeon. 

Late Friday night, Governor Cuomo came to his senses and decided he would not march in the Puerto Rican Day Parade.  Certainly, took him long enough to decide and to be honest, he most likely thought it was a safe bet since so many others had already withdrawn.  The extremism of Speaker Mark-Viverito is obvious with her support of a convicted terrorist.   It even spills over to the woman Mark-Viverito has endorsed to replace her in the City Council since she is term-limited out this coming January.

The Governor was right to reject marching in the Puerto Rican Day Parade, however, the NaturalizeNYprogram he started, has total disdain of the taxpayers forced to pay for it.  If one cannot afford the $725 application fee to become a citizen, one can register for a lottery drawing to be awarded the fee. 

The $10M set aside becomes even more distressing when New York’s fiscal picture has become murkier in light of the fact that tax receipts were $601 less than projected.

George J. Marlin outlines part of Governor Cuomo’s spending in his latest column here.

The NYS Court of Appeals has a life-saving opportunity today as it hears the appeal of Meyer v. Schneiderman.  The plaintiffs’ ill-founded claims have been rejected by a trial court judge and by a unanimous panel of Appellate Division judges; it is hoped that the Court of Appeals will reject them as well. The New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide has more information on what the lawsuit and proposed legislation is about. 

Senator Chuck Schumer just loves to spread the politics of fear, while Larry Kudlow spreads the hope in President Trump’s proposed budget. 

Unanimous Supreme Court ruling slaps down a controversial 9th Circuit Court decision. 

Guy Benson tells us how two left-wing publications commemorated Memorial Day