Daily Update

Oh Melissa, did you think no one would remember this:  Melissa Mark-Viverito’s parade hypocrisy. The NY Post editorial board wants to know if Gov. Cuomo will march to honor a terrorist?  All New Yorkers want to know if the man who craves to be president will march to honor the co-founder and bomb maker of FALN

And so, it begins again: State acquires 6000 acres of protected land in Oswego County.  In 1973, the state began acquiring land in the Adirondacks under Governor Rockefeller.  Take a look at the changes over the years.  The Adirondack Council wants even more control.  

The Observer reminds us that Mayor de Blasio either has an incompetent staff or he is hoping that we forget he vowed he would provide a list of donors who didn’t get city favors.  The Mayor has a solution to the parking mess he created, and your tax dollars will be used to hire 100 more traffic enforcers.  (City employees, great pension, and benefits, indebted to him for a job, could that have been his plan all along.)  Here is what the editorial board of the NY Post thinks of his shenanigans.

Grover Norquist: CBO Is ‘Guessing’ on AHCA Analysis.  The Daily Signal writes about the key takeaways of the CBO Score.  And Guy Benson does a fact check debunking the most outrageous claims made by the main stream media.. By the way:  It’s Failing: Obamacare Premiums on Federal Exchange Have Soared By 105 Percent Since 2013.  It’s fact, not fake: Americans crushed by ObamaCare premiums.  

On the Trump budget proposal:  Dems blast budget cuts, conservatives give thumbs-up.  Investor’s Business Daily has this to say about President Trump’s budget proposal.  

From the Daily Signal:  Trump is Not Pro-Russia, Despite what the media says

Where is the main stream media on the fact that President Obama allowed this and this?  Obviously, it does not fit their narrative; the privacy and safety of Americans is secondary to their agenda of protecting the legacy of Barack Obama.  

Congressman, is this why you went to Congress?  We thought you just wanted to fight for your constituents.