Daily Update

Sometimes the left just makes me laugh out loud.  Guy Benson, writing in Townhall.com, informs us that in the recent California state party election for chairman, some progressive party members allege voter fraud and are demanding voter ID.  Imagine that, progressives in California demanding voter ID to prevent fraud in their elections — sweet, sweet news.

The democrats have some strange rules lately:  (Didn’t they preach about a “big tent”?)  Suicide by litmus test.  

The NY Post editorial opines on the truth in President Trump’s “savage” cuts and the Washington Times runs this headline –  Trump sends optimistic budget to pessimistic Congress  – in  S. A. Miller and Stephen Dinan’s article regarding the President’s budget proposal.  The Daily Signal has this assessment of the proposal.  Mick Mulvaney defends cuts before Congress.  

Mayor de Blasio, shooting his mouth off without knowing the facts (Again!), campaigns on the politics of fear. 

Europe’s denial of Islamic terrorism threat perplexes security specialists.    

Michael Goodwin:  Trump is right: Fight against terrorism is battle of ‘good vs. evil’.  

The NY Post editorial says:  Stay angry after Manchester.  

Betsy McCaughey on the latest deadly “super bug” 

Governor Cuomo does Hamlet “to march or not to march, that is the question?”

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.