Weekly Wrap-Up

Another week of President Trump’s allies being convicted of high crimes without a trial – and we’re seeing more and more leaks designed solely to undermine our President… even if it jeopardizes the country’s security

This week’s attack in Manchester is the logical result of Barack Obama’s “smart power” agenda as President – another mess left for President Trump to handle. Yet Obama still seeks to govern “in exile,” lecturing Americans about “hiding behind walls” while literally hiding behind a wall. He fits right in with the Democrats’ inane pop-star fans, as does the bitter Hillary Clinton with her endless lectures to the American people.

Which group do you believe is MOST determined to sabotage the Trump Administration? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

The President’s speech in Saudi Arabia earned praise from national security experts and opened the door for a renaissance in the Muslim world. Naturally Nancy Pelosi and the liberals lost their minds over it.

What do you believe is the MOST POWERFUL quote from President Trump’s address to the Muslim world in Saudi Arabia? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

This week President Trump delivered a balanced, “optimistic” budget – a true stimulus – to a seemingly unbalanced Congress. Washington hates it, and naturally Chuck Schumer and the liberals lost their minds over it. (See a pattern here?) Let’s take care of some of the liberal myths right here, right now.

What do you like BEST about President Trump’s new budget proposal? That’s the third question in our new Weekly Poll.
“A great win in Montana” – that’s how President Trump describes the good news for Republicans this week, as a (literally) hard-fought special election for the state’s at-large House seat went to the GOP. Ironically, the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves

Now if only Republicans in Washington would stop falling for the media’s “divide-and-conquer” strategy against President Trump. Investor’s Business Daily counsels Republicans to act like they’re going to lose control of Congress in 2018 and make much-needed reforms while they can – and make no mistake, the Democrats are already plotting the destructive policies they’ll approve if they do take back the House. 

Fleet Week is here – a chance to say thanks to those who keep us safe. And some gave all defending America… let’s remember them and the real meaning of Memorial Day this weekend.

Have a great one!