Daily Update

Kudos to Senator Pam Hamling who won’t accept stipend/lulu as committee chair.  The best way to resolve the stipend problem:  eliminate them and every “pork-barrel project” they dole out.  If the $79,500 salary for a part-time job is not sufficient, don’t run for office.   In principle, legislators are supposed to be part-time employees for the precise reason to understand the consequences of legislation in the real world.  By having careers outside of the legislature, they have a better understanding of their actions.  Living in the isolation of the legislature for decades (another reason to enact Term Limits) creates an atmosphere of believing they know better than those who actually have to abide by what they decided is best for the rest of us.  For the record, a police officer — a full-time position earns $44, 744, a fireman, another full time position earns after three years, $59, 629, teachers just starting out with a bachelor’s degree, earn $54,000 (albeit, they do have summers off) and Sanitation workers average $47,371 including overtime (they start at $33746) in their first year, also full time work.  So, a salary of $79,500 for a part time public servant that does not require a degree is a pretty good salary that each one chooses to run for every two years. 

Start-Up NY a boon or bust? Don’t hide data.  

CNBC has a list of the 15 most expensive states in the US:  New York is ranked number 3: Housing: 98.3 percent more expensive, Transportation: 14.2 percent more expensive and Groceries: 10.3 percent more expensive.  

George Marlin opines on those who remaking Gov. Cuomo for the next campaigns.  

The NY Post editorial reminds us, once again, that Mayor de Blasio is all about taking care of his friends/donors at taxpayers’ expense.  Sadly, the same things happen in Albany, again at taxpayers’ expense.  (Let your legislator know you are firmly against these bills.:  (https://www.nysenate.gov/senators-committees; https://nyassembly.gov/mem/)

The Internet and the Main Stream Media are besides themselves with the idea that President Donald J. Trump gave classified information about ISIS to the Russians.  Really?  Why would a man devoted to the freedom and prosperity of America bring harm to the people who trusted him with their safety and well-being? President Trump detractors — and even some who supported him — are doing all they can to undermine his every move.  Yes, he is different — he thinks outside the box,  entices his detractors with catnip, and doesn’t play by Washington’s rules.  Exactly what the voters wanted — a man who speaks for them in a way they understand. McMaster on the above Washington Post story:  It’s false.    Here is Christopher Ruddy (founder of Newsmax) on President Trump’s supposed leak. Judge Andrew Napolitano on the “leak”.  

The plot thickens regarding the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich

Thank you, President Trump, for doing this. 

This is very disturbing:  Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants.  

File this under very disturbing also:  U.S.: Syria executing thousands of prisoners, burning bodies.