Daily Update

Today’s New York Post opines on the fact that Penn Station needs real leadership, and Nicole Gelinas opines on what a real Penn Station plan would look like.  

De Blasio’s biggest ‘bundlers’ got special political treatment.  

There are far too many other disturbing articles/editorials in today’s papers:  Breakaway State Senate Dems costs taxpayers $2.2M a year;  Yet another taxpayer-funded union perk; and Dozens of bills aim to benefit public employees at taxpayers’ expense.   The special interest groups are driving the agenda in Albany and the taxpayers are so busy working and doing their best to keep their families together that government believes they are doing good n passing some of these outrageous bills to satisfy the special interest groups demanding government’s money.  Speak up New Yorkers when you read about these government give aways of YOUR money.  Save these links (https://nyassembly.gov/mem/  and  https://www.nysenate.gov/senators-committees) and when you see an article about unnecessary spending, copy the article link, click on the legislator’s email account, and let them know — NO MORE UNNECESSARY SPENDING!  This is your money and it has never been easier to have YOUR VOICE heard.  There is strength in numbers.  When their offices start getting emails that enough is enough, they will pay attention

More costly news:  State Insurers to seek rate hike for 2018 ObamaCare policies.  

Question for Governor Cuomo:  What are you doing with this money, why are our taxes so high  when tourist are spending so much in New York State?

Here is another example on how Governor Cuomo is looking for more power!  He should have read this before increasing the minimum wage in NY.  

What a hypocrite!  Sen. Schumer, the only reason you want an Independent Counsel — knowing full well that there is no there, there — is to keep this “alleged Russian meddling” in the news for as long as possible. Shame on you!  Why is your political agenda more important than the welfare of the citizens of the United States?   

This woman’s thinking is twisted upside down,  but, I would not expect it to be anything but twisted upside down when your goal is the death of completely innocent unborn children.  

Rest in Peace:  Thomas E. Bolan, Esq.