Conservative Party Endorses Malliotakis for Mayor

Brooklyn, NY — The Conservative Party of New York State officially endorsed Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis in her bid for Mayor of the City of New York. After a brief meeting today, in the party’s State Headquarters in Bay Ridge, the party threw their support behind the 4 term Assembly member who has been the
Conservative Party standard-bearer in all of her races.

In a joint statement, Conservative Party leaders said, “Over the course of her career in the New York State Assembly, Nicole Malliotakis has been a vocal advocate for conservative principles and policies in the Empire State. Assembly member Malliotakis has been in the forefront of working to cut the high taxes that are a
heavy burden on every taxpayer in our city and state. In the Assembly, she has voted against tax and fee increases 297 times, for a total of $20.3 billion and she voted for 62 different tax cuts, saving New York taxpayers $9.8 billion! She’s stood tall with law enforcement, especially the NYPD and she instinctively realizes that
the root cause of crime is criminals. She’ll fight to ensure that New York City keeps Rikers Island open and will stand arm to arm with New Yorkers to block any efforts to locate city jails in our neighborhoods. As a product of New York City Public Schools, Nicole has a clear understanding of what a great education can mean to the children of our city; she’ll fight for high standards and against the special interests that seem intent on dumbing-down our schools. She also will fight for the expansion of Charter Schools in the 5 boroughs and tuition tax assistance for New Yorkers who send their children to religious or private schools. The Conservative
Party is proud to endorse Nicole Malliotakis for Mayor of the City of New York.”

Staten Island Conservative Party Chair Harold Wagner said, “I know Nicole well, she is a no-nonsense legislator who fights for her district and all the people of Staten  Island. She’s fought long and hard to make sure that those impacted by SuperStorm Sandy got the aid and services they desperately needed, even when the de Blasio administration dropped the ball. Unlike Mayor de Blasio, she understands the people of our borough and the neighborhoods we live in. Nicole has never shied away from speaking-out on the outrageous tolls the MTA has imposed on those who take the Verrazano Bridge and for the ever-increasing bus and subway
fares that every New Yorker faces. Without a doubt, she’ll be a great Mayor for the people of Staten Island and I’m proud to support her.”

Brooklyn Conservative Chair Jerry Kassar said, “I’ve known Nicole since she first ran for office and the Brooklyn Conservative Party has been proud to endorse her in every race she’s run. She’s a strong supporter of the men and women of the NYPD and I know they’ll never turn their back on her. Her legal battle against the de Blasio administration and their cynical and dangerous plan to destroy background information from the Municipal ID is reason enough for common sense New Yorkers to vote for her. Nicole’s energy, honesty and knowledge of the issues are all reasons why she’ll be our next Mayor.”

Queens Conservative Chair Tom Long said, “As a former small businessman I’m very excited that Assembly member Nicole Malliotakis has entered the race. Her parents ran a small business and she had a first-hand view of the headaches and struggles small business owners face in our city. Whether it’s high taxes, red tape
and regulation or high rents and low margins it’s a constant struggle to run a business in New York. Nicole will be a champion for small business people across this city and especially for the many new immigrants that are investing all they have in attaining the American Dream. The Queens County Conservative Party is proud to call her our candidate for Mayor.”

Manhattan Conservative Chair Stuart Avrick said, “As a resident of Manhattan I have seen the decline of quality of life under the current administration. I look forward to working with Nicole, an outstanding member in the Assembly with good government experience that will enable her to be a Mayor we can all work together with to restore the pride New Yorkers have in their great city.”