Daily Update

Michael Goodwin opined in his Sunday column that he believes Hillary is running for President again!  Trust me, it is worth the read.  

Apparently, Governor Cuomo is not going to roll over for Hillary and is laying his own ground work for 2020.  

Also in Sunday’s NY Post, the editorial board opined that even the City Council is worried about de Blasio’s spending spree.   “When the New York City Council attacks you for spending too much and saving too little, you can be pretty sure you’ve gone way overboard.”

How dare they!  Puerto Rican Day Parade honors the terrorists who killed my dad.  What are we becoming when a killer is honored as the first ever “National Freedom Hero” in this year’s National Puerto Rican Day Parade on June 11.in NYC.  

Double dipping has lost its appeal….in a 5-0 opinion by the NYS Court of Appeals.  

FBI confirms the deadly costs of a ‘War on Cops’.  

Newsday (subscription required) states in an editorial that “if lawmakers refuse to make it easier to cast ballots and to run for office, the re-energized public can get it done on its own — by voting in November for a constitutional convention.”  They (the editorial board writers) obviously did not do their homework….it is a well-researched fact that those who write the changes (delegates elected to the Constitutional Convention) and control the process of a Constitutional Convention are either elected officials, their staffs, and others who are currently involved in the process.  Downstate has the numbers to control the convention and we all know how progressives control downstate.  Take a look at the City Council and the elected officials through the legislature…downstate progressives have the majority.  Does anyone really believe that John Doe will win an election against recognized names?  If so, please explain to me the reason why incumbents hardly ever lose.  The 2016 Presidential Election results in NYS show Hillary creamed native New Yorker Donald J. Trump!  VOTE NO to a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money, there are other ways to amend the NYS Constitution.  

Nicole Gelinas opines on the debt-bubble landmine President Obama left for President Trump.  

Stephen Moore writes about America’s sickly health insurance system.  

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers explains why she voted for the GOP version of AHCA knowing her son has a preexisting condition.  Susan Stamper Brown writes about Cleaning Up Democrats’ Healthcare Mess in Townhall.Com.  

The Gatestone Institution opines on the Sunday election in France.  Here is another great column from Gatestone Institute.